Simplify your North Carolina Logistics with Conwareco’s Inventory Depot!

What You Need – When You Need It – Where You Need It.

We will create a Custom Logistics Plan for your business using our computerized warehouse management system (WMS). You’ll get a proactive approach that minimizes logistical complexity and delivers peace of mind that your assets will be transported safely and securely – and on time. All orders are overseen by humans and provided with a personal touch to ensure your freight storage and transportation requirements are met.


Freight Management

Your freight will be shipped in a timely manner and your profit is maximized for the most beneficial logistical outcome. 

Order Fulfillment

We will fulfill your orders quickly and efficiently, no matter the size of the order and within a reasonable timeline. 

Inventory Management

We’ll manage your inventory as if it were in our own house. We will implement anti-theft measures and ensure your merchandise is protected by the latest technology and RFID implementations.

Supply Chain Coordination

You can expect professional supply chain coordination, which includes updates regarding the status of your inventory and its location on the path to its final destination.

Warehouse Management

We’ll ensure your inventory receives the most modern storage and warehousing environment.