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Logistics solutions

We Simplify Your Logistics

We help you save time and money so you operate at peak production. Our innovative approach to 3rd party logistics solutions ensures you have the materials you need when you need them and where you need them - all with a custom program that is tailored to your needs and requirements.

Right Inventory in the Right Place at the Right Time

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We Are Proven Logistics Experts

Conwareco's Inventory Depot is a raw materials and finished products warehousing, storage & distribution, Third Party Logistics Company (3PL) based in Hickory, NC.

Within 1 hour of Hickory, Lenoir, Charlotte and Statesville, we provide Supply Chain Management solutions from the Southeastern US to the rest of the world, or from the world to the Southeastern US.


We Are Problem Solvers

We Help Reduce Late Shipment Headaches

We Deliver Exact Inventory You Need Within 48 Hours

We Store Inventory Until You Are Ready to Use

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WE Solve your challenges

Are you experiencing any of
these logistics headaches?

Are Scheduling Issues Slowing Down Production?
Has a Lack of Supply Slowed You Down During COVID Shut Down?
Do You Need Immediate Access to Your Raw Materials - But Don't Want to Take up Manufacturing Space for Storage?

Our Process

Custom Logistics

Conwareco’s Inventory Depot has solved logistics problems for over 65 years. With our full service warehouse space and unique perspective and abilities, we act as an extension to your company process. This means we have a stake in delivering savings to your bottom-line and optimizing your production and delivery process.


We Complete a Discovery


We Develop a Custom Logistics Plan


Your Inventory is in the Right Place at the Right Time

Set up Your Efficient, Flexible, Custom Logistics Plan

Whether you are a vendor, a manufacturer or shipping company – your inventory management is your prioroty – Inventory Depot can help.


simplify the complexities of logistics

Conwareco's Inventory Depot Is One Of The Premier 3rd Party Logistics Solutions (3PL) Serving The Western North Carolina Region.

Our depots are located within 1 hour of Charlotte and 4 hours of Charleston, Savannah and Norfolk.

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